I don’t know about you, but personally, I really enjoy Valentine’s Day and the whole commercialized, lovey-dovey hype that comes with it. Give me the romantic date, complete with red roses, heart-shaped chocolates, and whatever else is traditionally associated with February 14th — I’m here for it!

I do like to go out of my way on the day of love, but if there was one thing that could make it more special (and by that I mean all-encompassing and fantastically Zelda), it would be the opportunity to celebrate in Hyrule. In fact, I know exactly how I’d like Valentine’s Day in my favorite kingdom to go!

I’ll set the scene for you: It’s sunset in Lurelin Village, and the light is glancing across the waves, which are reflecting the gorgeous hues of color. We’re strolling along the beach with the sound of the water lapping on the shore. It feels peaceful, like we have all the time in the world. As we near our destination, Kass’ serenade reaches our ears, his vocals more gentle than usual. We can’t see him, but he’s just close enough to hear. We come upon our picnic blanket, where traditional Lurelin fare is waiting to assuage our hunger. The area is lit up by lanterns that keep the dusk at bay, casting the romantic flicker of candlelight into the dusk. The scent of Silent Princess fills my senses, and to my delight, I’m presented with a huge bouquet of flowers. Together we dine, talk, and laugh under the stars until the lateness of the hour calls us home.

So there you are, that’s my idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day in Hyrule. But with a kingdom filled with so much to see and experience, there are all sorts of things for couples to enjoy! Maybe you’d like to hike up Satori Mountain with your significant other, or perhaps you’d want to seek out your soulmate at Lover’s Pond. You could double-date with friends and grab a bite to eat in Hateno Village at the local inn, or splurge some Rupees on a shopping trip in Gerudo Town, where you’ll find the perfect piece of jewelry for your other half. You might even prefer to spend Valentine’s Day alone and in the comfort of your own company, doing whatever suits you and your own self!

With all this and more in mind, tell me what your idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day in Hyrule is. Let me know in the comments below!

Featured Image: Astra Yin

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