Above: Maybe one of the creepiest Zelda glitches ever. Perfect for Halloween!

Building off our recent Eggbuster post, I wanted to have an open discussion on glitches in the series and what ones you happen to really enjoy. Are you a sequence breaking fan? Surely Ocarina of Time must be a dream for you then. Do you like silly glitches like using fishing poles as weapons, breaking a game and traveling the opening cinematic area? Heck, do annoying glitches tend to get it done for you… like a game not saving in the Canon room or not saving in the Stone Tower Temple (both glitches that do delete your save file). Today’s debate is all about glitches.

While I am not a huge fan of glitches, I do like ones that allow you to do things you previously couldn’t – like accessing an area that we aren’t supposed to access just to see if there was anything actually there in the code. Often times there isn’t, but every once in awhile we may discover a place with scrapped ideas that never got cut out of the code. Sometimes we discover something that was used for testing (hello Star Fox). What glitches do you prefer… and why? Do you possibly not like them at all? Here’s video of my favorite glitch in the series:

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