Hyrule Castle is one of the most iconic locations in The Legend of Zelda series. The seat of Hyrule’s government has been featured in a variety of different forms throughout the years. With each new game, the designers and developers take time to create a new version of Hyrule Castle. Seeing the newest version of the iconic castle is always a treat for fans and critics, who are desperately waiting for news about the next  Zelda game.

Hyrule Castle was first seen in A Link To The Past, where it was an imposing first dungeon. Link was forced to navigate its dangerous halls to rescue Zelda from the devious Agahnim. In Ocarina of Time, the enormous building was perched above a prosperous town and market place. The castle had a variety of beautiful courtyards and was filled with pesky guards!

In The Wind Waker, Link and Tetra were able to see the tragic remains of Hyrule Castle, preserved for an eternity under the waves. This version of Hyrule Castle had been ransacked by Ganon’s minions, with Moblins and Darknuts roaming across the once sacred halls. The regal building also held the Master Sword, deep beneath its floors. After the cel shaded Wind Waker, the designers of Twilight Princess create an elaborate, elegant, and austere castle, full of high vaulted ceilings, pristine tile floors, and grand chandeliers. It was a magnificent and imposing place to end Link’s long journey.

Most recently in Breath of the Wild, the crumbling remains of Hyrule Castle served as the final trial for our beloved hero. The shattered, crumbling castle had been consumed by Ganon’s evil and hosted some of his most powerful minions. It’s a gorgeous, haunting location that is ever present, visible across much of the land of Hyrule, a constant reminder of the tragedy that has been fallen the once great land.

The castle has also been seen in various forms in The Oracle games, Four Swords Adventures, Minish CapSpirit Tracks, and A Link Between Worlds.

Which version of Hyrule Castle is your favorite and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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