I’m going to be honest – I loved Tri Force Heroes. What it lacked in story and character development, it made up for by being a fun co-op experience that was fun to play and challenging. The puzzles were inventive, the level designs were unique, and the music ball was the thing that my roommates and I spent shameless amount of times smashing to death in order to hear charming remixes of some of our favorite tunes from the Zelda series.

This game was a great multiplayer experience, and part of what made it so good was the ability to dress in unique and varied costumes that gave the three Links different and unique abilities. While many of the outfits were hilarious in design or flat out broken by how powerful they were (looking at you, Fierce Deity Armor), my favorite outfit to wear was the Sword Suit. Simple but refined and elegant, this outfit allows Link to shoot beams from his sword and deal double damage as long as his hearts are full. I really like the look of the outfit since it gives Link a regal, knightly appearance, but I also enjoy the practicality the outfit provides for combat as well. What do you think, did you like the utility of the different costumes and outfits in Tri Force Heroes? Which one was your favorite? Does anyone else besides me and my roommates like this game? Let us know in the comments!

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