Breath of the Wild may not have had several, sprawling dungeons as in previous Zelda games, but the four primary story dungeons of the game are incredibly original and engaging. The Divine Beasts take the place of dungeons as large mechanical beasts wreaking havoc across the land, with a wide variety of puzzles to solve.

For me, I really enjoyed completing the dungeon in Zora’s Domain, Vah Ruta. The battle to disable the beast with Sidon’s assistance is my favorite of the four beasts, and the dungeon itself was really well-designed. Manipulating the water flow to access different areas on the Vah Ruta was intriguing, and the boss battle left me feeling satisfied. What is your favorite Divine Beast dungeon? Let us know in the comments!

Michaela El-Ters is an Original Content Editor at Zelda Informer. For more of her favorite Zelda dungeons, check out her blog.

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