I love well executed video game cutscenes. While I understand that the core Zelda experience has to be built on solid gameplay and well-developed mechanics, cutscenes are extra flourishes that help develop a game’s story and give the player thrilling dramatic moments to enjoy. I started playing video games with Ocarina of Time, and my jaw dropped when I saw the epic cutscene where Link deals the final blow to Ganon; that moment completely blew my mind as a child

With this in mind, what is your favorite cutscene from a 3D Zelda game? The series has had so many amazing cutscenes over the year that it is hard to pick a favorite. While some cutscenes deal with action or advance the story, some of my favorite cutscenes occur when Link travels to a new location. In many games, when you enter a new area, the camera pans around to show the location from several different angles. These cutscenes always make me feel like the worlds in Zelda games are vast and that there is always more to explore.

Overall, there are many cutscenes from across the series that I treasure, so I am only going to discuss a few in this post. One of my favorite cutscenes is when Link leaves Outset Island for the first time in The Wind Waker. The shot of Link waving goodbye to the only life he has ever known is powerful and moving. The scene when Zelda is sealed into the crystal in Skyward Sword is another moving moment. The relationship between Link and Zelda is crucial to Skyward Sword, and this scene shows just how deeply the two characters care for each other. The scene definitely tugs at the player’s heartstrings! Finally, the scene in Breath of the Wild where Link emerges from the Shrine of Resurrection is incredible. Breath of the Wild is all about exploration, and that moment feels like an invitation or challenge from the developers to see everything that the world has to offer.

What do you think? What is your favorite cutscene from a 3D Zelda game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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