Breath of the Wild is just over two years old now, and yet people (including myself!) are still playing it, reliving their favorite moments, and finding new ways to breathe life into it. However, along the way, whether you’re a beginner or a venerated player, things sometimes fly right out of left field. If it’s getting kicked by a horse onto something hard, or rolling all the way down one of the Dueling Peaks, I want to know the wackiest thing to happen to you in Breath of the Wild.

The craziest thing to happen to me was when I was farming dragon parts early on in preparations to upgrade the “Of the Wild” armor set. I was mining horn fragments from the Lanayru dragon, Naydra. I had just nailed its horn and watched the fragment break off. Sailing after it on my paraglider, I followed it down a winding aquatic path where it landed in a tiny little nook. The nook was just a bit too small for Link to fit in, but apparently not for the Lizalfos that jumped out of it and took me out in one shot!

What’s your crazy story? Has anything odd happened to you during your Breath of the Wild adventures? Or are you just amazing at the game and have complete control over every situation? Let us know in the comments!

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