The Legend of Zelda has boasted its fair share of cute creatures across the series. Some are creatures that you interact with like the Koroks and the Kikwi, and there are others like the elusive Blupee that are just in the background for us to observe and enjoy. Today I would love to find out which creature in The Legend of Zelda series do you think is the cutest.

Personally one of my favorite cute creatures, and my contender for the cutest, are the Kikwi’s from Skyward Sword! I love that they are one of the first one of the first inhabitants that you meet when you arrive on The Surface because they seem like a very welcoming creature. I would definitely love to run into them if I was a stranger in a strange land. They just look incredible cuddly and they have adorable little plants on their back. They might be a little timid, but I don’t think that takes away from their cuteness, but makes them more cute!

Another contender for cutest, would be the Blupee from Breath of the Wild! Blupees are adorable and elusive creatures that drop rupees when hit. I always feel a little bad for striking one for the occasional few rupees that they might drop, but do love seeing them congregate in groups on Satori Mountain though! I often wonder what they’re thinking or where they’re off to.

So, I named a few contenders for my vote for cutest creature in The Legend of Zelda, but I want to know what you think. Which creature in The Legend of Zelda do you think is the cutest, let us know in the comments below.



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