Every hero needs their trusty gear! Throughout the years, there has been some truly awesome merchandise produced for The Legend of Zelda series. From t-shirts to CDs to playing cards, there is no shortage of awesome Zelda swag to choose from.

If Nintendo won’t make The Legend of Zelda gear that you want, there is a passionate fan community that is up to the challenge of creating the most epic, stylish and cool Zelda merchandise. Just taking a few minutes to surf the web gives you the opportunity to see some amazing fan merchandise.

For me, my favorite piece of Zelda merchandise is still my classic wing crest t-shirt. It’s the first piece of Zelda merchandise I ever bought myself and you can never go wrong with the old green and gold! My runner-up is definitely my Switch dock sock, which features stunning stained glass windows of Link from The Wind Waker.

What is your favorite piece of Zelda merchandise? Let us know in the comments below!


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