While power, wisdom, and courage may be cornerstones of the Zelda series, there’s no denying that love is also ever-present. Love — whether it be plutonic, romantic, or otherwise — motivates characters throughout the series in myriad ways. Dozens of truly touching examples of affection exist in this series, begging the question, which of these bonds most exemplifies love?

When I think of love there are three types that stand out as particularly admirable.

First, a romantic pairing in which both parties are equally committed to and smitten with one another, so much so that they choose to create a life together. The Zelda series has great couplings like this including Yeto and Yeta from Twilight Princess, Honey and Darling from Majora’s Mask, and even Luv and Bertie from Skyward Sword. But the shining examples, for me, are Rusl and Uli from Twilight Princess and (of course) Kafei and Anju from Majora’s Mask.

The second type of love is that of family, which is another category Rusl and Uli fit like a glove. But here we also have Pamela and her father in Majora’s Mask, the Flute Boy and his father in A Link to the Past, as well as Link, Aryll, and their grandmother in The Wind Waker. My personally favorite in this category, despite the tragic circumstances, is the bond between Ralis and Rutela in Twilight Princess.

And the final type that sticks out to me is a love of one’s country; more specifically a drive to protect one’s people from the forces of evil. Link and Zelda essentially always fall into this category in relation to Hyrule. But Rusl can be included here as well, along with Link’s Uncle from A Link to the Past and the Knights of Hyrule who I remember best from Four Swords Adventures. The Hero’s Shade in Twilight Princess also particular resonates with this, as does Midna in her devotion to the Twili which I consider the greatest example of this.

This disambiguation doesn’t even come close to covering all of the examples of love in the series (overlooking platonic love most glaringly). But the question remains: Which is the best one and what makes it so? As a hopeless romantic, I may have to be cliche and go with Kafei and Anju. But what do you think? Which “love” in the Zelda series is the best example and why? Share your thoughts in the comments — we’d love to hear them!

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