The Legend of Zelda. We all love it. That’s why we’re here.

But let’s be honest, it’s not always perfect. While Nintendo is legendary for the level of polish and painstaking care it puts into The Legend of Zelda games, not everything always comes out perfectly. We are all entitled to express some of our frustrations with a game, no matter how much we love the Zelda series.

Whether it is the befuddling mess that is dowsing in Skyward Sword (seriously Skyward Sword is nothing short of incredible the second time around when you don’t have to use dowsing and stumble around aimlessly), or a certain fairy who tells me to listen although I know exactly where I am going, there are some aspects of the Zelda series that are worthy of honest and unbiased criticism. Remember, honest criticism means you want to improve something and everyone needs it at times, even Zelda!

What is one accurate criticism of a Zelda game or the series that you have or have heard before? Please let us know politely in the comments below!

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