There’s a basic understanding that those who wield pieces of the Triforce receive certain boons from it. Ganondorf hits gym day and receives an ever increasing muscle mass. Princess Zelda has an affinity for negotiating with foreign powers. Link gets to hyuut and hyat his way across Hyrule proving that, yes, he is still capable of wielding the most dangerous arsenal of weaponry the world has ever seen.

Generalities aside, the boons granted by the Triforce are limited in actual gameplay. The real power of the Triforce is narrative development. But what if it was something more? What if, like the scrapped idea of utilizing the sage medallions in Ocarina of Time, characters could use their Triforce in actual gameplay?

Maybe, like in Dungeons and Dragons, Zelda’s high wisdom gave her an the ability to ensnare her enemies in vines? Could Link’s courage inspire other characters to be his companion for a temporary time during his adventures? Perhaps a playable Ganondorf could continuously summon images of his rehydrated form to dazzle and confuse his enemies?

I admit, most of my ideas (aside from the final one) are probably pretty awful. That’s why it’s up to you to tell us what the coolest power or game mechanic for a wielder of the Triforce would be. Let’s hear all of your creative, strange, and mechanically sound ideas in the comments below!

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