From the beginnings of the Zelda series, Link has been a swordsman, and he’s picked up quite a few different techniques in each of his incarnations. From series staple attacks such as the Spin Attack introduced in A Link to the Past and the Jump Attack introduced in Ocarina of Time to the more unique moves such as the Hurricane Spin introduced in The Wind Waker and the Flurry Rush introduced in Breath of the Wild, Link has truly mastered the art of swordplay. But of all these options, it begs the question: What hidden skills or techniques should return in future Zelda games?

Hidden Skills is a term originating in Twilight Princess used for the 7 skills the Hero’s Shade would teach you throughout the game (assuming you attempted to learn all of them). However, for the sake of the debate, a hidden skill will refer to any new sword technique that Link can learn and use that was not a part of his original moveset. In other words, the Upward and Downward Thrusts from The Adventure of Link, the Hurricane Spin from The Wind Waker, the Tiger Scrolls from The Minish Cap, the Hidden Skills from Twilight Princess, the Swordsman’s Scrolls from The Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, and the Flurry Rush from Breath of the Wild are all considered as Hidden Skills (Before you ask, the Ending Blow and Shield Attack / Shield Parry were introduced in Twilight Princess as Hidden Skills before they were shown in Skyward Sword).

But what do you guys think? What Hidden Skills would you add in future Zelda games? Let us know in the comments below!

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