Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

When I first played Ocarina of Time as a kid, I remember being completely petrified of the ReDeads that lingered in the ruins of Castle Town. With their paralyzing screams and creepy designs, they were part of why I didn’t revisit playing through the entire game and beating it until I was older. Nowadays though, the ReDeads are overall just kind of slow, creepy monsters. Unless you recklessly run around them, they’re pretty easy to dodge and avoid since they’re slow. While they do have their scream to stun Link and drain his life energy if they get close to him, in most cases, they’re so slow that he can easily break out of it if he’s far enough away from them. While the fear factor of their design is largely present across the series, gameplay wise, they’re pretty easy to predict and avoid.

Since then, some installments like Twilight Princess have changed it up, including ReDead Knights that have heavy swords to swing around. While ReDeads are still intimidating in appearance, I think adding speed to the equation would make them even more terrifying to deal with. It would require players to be even more cautious, since with their current slowness, Link can be stunned and escape before they can grab him to drain his life energy. But if they were fast, it would make fighting them more of a challenge and pretty scary too. It would also be an interesting way to change up combat and encourage players to approach fighting them in a different way. What do you think? What abilities would you want ReDeads to have to make them a more frightening opponent? Let us know in the comments!

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