The Demon Lord Ghirahim is one of the more chaotic elements in Skyward Sword. While nothing in that game is entirely expected for a first-time player, characters like Groose, Ghirahim, and even Demise tend to throw wrenches in the gears of an expected Zelda formula. A prime example of this is how the development team handled the boss fights for the Skyview Temple and the Fire Sanctuary.

While some may say this is lazy of the developers to place Ghirahim as the first and last dungeon bosses in the game, I think it actually means to serve the plot quite well. Not only does it make sense that Link keeps running into the guy who is also seeking Zelda, but it additionally gives context to the conflict of the game. At Skyview Temple, an ill-prepared Link faces head-on the enemy responsible for Zelda’s uncertain fate, still knowing little of true purposes or roles. And, when Link faces him again at the Fire Sanctuary, Link is much less enraged and much less unruly, far more a put-together chosen hero ready to save the world. Inversely, Ghirahim becomes less composed and more unhinged as Link learns maturity and rationality.

Me and my overanalyzing aside, the first time you played Skyward Sword and went through the Skyview Temple and the Fire Sanctuary, you probably didn’t expect to fight Ghirahim at the end of either. That being said, what did you expect? I was eleven and thus had no ideas of what might be ahead of me, but I’m curious as to whether or not others had a different experience. What was your expectation of those boss fights? Was it based on the motifs of the dungeon? Would you have liked that instead? Or did you like the subversion of expectation? Do you like the Ghirahim fights in Skyward Sword? Let us know in the comments below!

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