As fans of anything in life, we often arbitrarily rate how much of a fan ourselves or someone else is of a particular thing. It could be a movie, a book series, or even a class in school. In this case it would be The Legend of Zelda as a series (not any individual game). I have often pondered how myself and others decide just how big of a fan someone is. Does it take owning every Zelda game? How about owning every game plus the spin offs and some really neat merchandise? If the latter is the case for the ultimate fan, than I fall far short (though I am sure running Zelda Informer gives me a little bump).

I am sure for those who meet me who don’t know I run Zelda Informer, they may notice I am a Zelda fan but not really think I’m all that and a bag of chips. I don’t own every game (I believe I currently can play 5 of them, the rest have either been lost over time or sold) and my merchandise around my house is fairly lacking. I have a couple really tiny Minish Cap figures in my car that no one ever sees, a free poster on my wall, and then the Zelda themed GamePad and 3DS XL. Outside of that, who would know, unless I was possibly rocking a Zelda T-Shirt (I have 5 of those). Of course, it could be assumed I am some hipster, so you know… what good does the shirt do me.

The real question is how do you rank how much of a fan you or someone else is? I know I am a fan of the series of the highest regard, but how can I apply that when looking at others? Are you a bigger fan than me because your collection makes me look like I was just born yesterday and still think Link is actually named Zelda? While we’re at this discussion, why not share your collection (or lack there of) with us below!

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