Zelda is no stranger to innovation in the gaming world. After all, A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time helped set the stage for many gameplay elements in a variety of genres for many years to come. But what about other games and series? Zelda isn’t the only great IP on the market and in the creative industry, everybody can benefit from a little bit of collaboration from time to time.

Each genre of gaming tends to have its tropes, both in the way they tell stories to the way they play. For example, horror games usually try to have a mix between jump scares, segments where you have to retreat as opposed to fight, and generally have a bit of a mystery to the story being told. When thinking of other games, what comes to mind that Zelda doesn’t do as well or could implement into its own mechanics? Could Link investigate a murder-mystery? Perhaps he could take a queue from Bloodborne and fight giant Cthulu monsters. If Link could become a train engineer, why not a chef? There are any number of combinations and possibilities.

So with that, what do you guys think? What could the Zelda series learn most from other games?

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