With The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom taking place significantly on the same map as Breath of the Wild, things might get stale if the hide-and-find items continue to be Korok seeds. Theoretically, the Koroks could all find brand-new hiding spots and start their sick feces sharing game all over again, but with Zelda’s modus operandi lately being innovation there is a real chance those little stinkers will be swapped out for a new set of discoverables. 

With the release of The Minish Cap on Switch Online + Expansion Pack my very first thought was that the return of kinstones might be imminent. Finding little Minish hidden everywhere with kinstones to gift us would be a very pleasant surprise. After all, villages of tiny people were conceptualized for inclusion in Breath of the Wild, and it is possible that idea could be implemented in its sequel. 

What if Link smoothed things over with the Yiga by the time Tears of the Kingdom kicks off and it’s Yiga Clan members scattered all over the map? I’m not sure what they should offer Link, though. Banana keychains? Confetti strips? Every time the Yiga pop up they litter the environment with ticker tape, so they would probably be happy to get those back and upgrade Link’s inventory as thanks. 

Perhaps the Koroks will reappear, but with something other than Korok seeds to give to Link. They could give Korok leaves and the big joke prize at the end is Korok toilet paper (maybe the “???” hand is in the game and to free it you have to find all the Korok leaves and give it the paper!). Maybe Korok bark? Those are basically scabs, so, on brand. 

Of course, although less likely, a brand new creature-item combo could be created for Tears of the Kingdom. My guess might be liberated Calamity creatures (who somehow didn’t get swept up in Ganon’s new wave of control). But can you imagine cute calamity monsters!? I’m picturing the sentient pumpkin from Steven Universe, but no stem and colored all slimy black, purple, and pink. Maybe they spit up shiny calamity pearls.

What do you think, will Koroks and their seeds occupy the same role in Tears of the Kingdom as they did in Breath of the Wild? Or will something new take their place? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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