Just as A Link Between Worlds did nearly six years ago, the Switch’s upcoming Link’s Awakening remake aims to breathe new life into a classic Zelda title. As of now, the only changes to the original game that we know of are the updated musical score and visual presentation.

What remains to be seen is just how far the developers will take this remake. Considering that the title remains the same, I doubt we’re looking at a sequel/remake hybrid in the vein of A Link Between Worlds. It’s unlikely that we’ll see any fundamental changes to the gameplay such as Worlds’ wall-merging mechanic. Regardless of what seems likely to make it into the final product, though, let’s start daydreaming! What are some changes or additions you would like to see from Link’s return to Koholint Island?

One of the most striking elements of that announcement trailer was how it began. As a massive anime fan, I was delighted to see the game’s iconic opening depicted in that style. Although I’m already infatuated with the stop-motion-inspired art direction the developers chose for the game proper, I would love to see more of these anime cutscenes throughout the adventure. Even if they’re used for only a handful of key story moments, that’d be a real treat.

Again, though, what about you? Are there any design changes you’d like to see in Link’s Awakening? Are you hoping that the game adds more side content? Whatever your wishes might be, let us know in the comments below!

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