The Legend of Zelda has gone through many different art styles in the past 30 years. From pixelated to state of the art HD cell shading, Link has pretty much been through it all. Now, some fans love the charming bright colours of The Wind Waker, others, the gritty landscape of Twilight Princess, and some prefer Skyward Sword, a combination of the two. Now the question for Nintendo is “Where do we go next?”

I only recently found The Legend of Zelda manga, with the release of the Legendary Editions, and fell in love with the hand drawn style. I feel the manga aesthetic would lend a unique feeling to the Zelda series. Although, I’m also partial to seeing another more dark world like Twilight Princess, so perhaps a kind of Dark Souls feel wouldn’t go amiss.

So what do you think? What art style do you wish upon the beloved franchise? Let us know in the comments!

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