Spirit Tracks is a fairly dividing game; it tends to be liked or hated, and for understandable reasons. To name just a few major examples, the controls were DS-strange, Hyrule was completely new, we saw fewer characters we were familiar with, and…well…Link drove a train. A train. The strangest aspect of them all. So, in the end, was Spirit Tracks a good addition to the Zelda universe?

Oh, my. This debate can only end well.

The thought spawned during a conversation between Zelda Dungeon staff on whether or not the game was good. I argued that, yes, the game was good. It was fun, cute, and, once I got used to the controls and the changes made, I found that I really enjoyed playing it. Yet, did that make it a good Zelda game?  Not necessarily. And now, I am stuck in my own answer. On one hand, it could be, because it followed the basic premise of good versus evil, starring our favorite hero and princess. Yet, then I thought, is that actually what Zelda is about? Or are there enough elements of the universe that the game completely changed or disregarded to make it a better stand-alone title without the name Zelda?

So, now I turn to you, dear readers. What do you think? Was Spirit Tracks a good Zelda title? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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