Zelda has been to many different places, but other than Hyrule, these other regions haven’t been revisited. Koholint Isle, Labrynna, Holodrum, Termina, Skyloft… they are all one-time destinations, never to be seen again. This includes the high seas of Wind Waker. While technically Link is sailing around Hyrule, it’s such a different experience that it’s akin to an entirely new region for Link to explore.

The question today is: would you like to return to the high seas? We clearly saw in Wind Waker that the ocean continues beyond the edges of the Great Sea, you just can’t go there because video game logic. Even though those waters took Link to other islands, and eventually to New Hyrule, you have to think there would be other lands out there. Perhaps another group of islands in a vast sea? Maybe Zelda U‘s map is bigger than we thought, with the borders extending into the ocean for some adventuring on the high seas? Talk it out in the comments below and let us know if you yearn to sail the waves once again!

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