One thing that really threw me off for the new Legend of Zelda : Breath Of The Wild was the new system they came up with for the weapons. While I love the fact that you have more options when it comes to weapons, (I mean, how do you go wrong with the whole skeleton arm that you can go beat bokoboblins with) it was a little tedious when you’re just starting out and within 3 hits, your weapon would break at the most inconvenient times. (I’m looking at you, Rusty Sword) Or, even worse, your favorite weapons break and then you have to roam around hoping to find another one. Which brings me to my debate. Many games, such as World of Warcraft and Diablo allow you to repair your favorite weapons.

While you’re able to repair the weapons given to you by the Champions, at a rather high price, if you’ve used your favorite weapon and it breaks, there’s no getting it back unless you go searching the whole map for it.
There were many weapons I loved and was disappointed when they broke. I wished that there was the option to repair them. Perhaps not so much with the lower DPS weapons, but definitely for the one’s the Lynels drop. However,I will admit that not being able to repair the weapons, while being annoying at times, it also really helps to create a rather challenging gameplay.

Would you rather have the option to repair your favorite weapons, or keep the system we have and need to search for new ones?

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