With the sudden drop of the Champions’ Ballad DLC comes a slew of new content, features, quests and toys to tinker with. One of these is the hallowed One-Hit Obliterator. A true double-edged sword (sort of), it grants Link the ability to decimate anything with a single swipe, at the cost of any foe able to do the same.

Aglow with energy and adorned with sacred talismans, this mystic relic forces you to get close and personal with entire camps of enemies, a single paddle enough to wipe out even a Lynel. Link now a true glass cannon, these trials demand all your wits and guile as you duck and weave through an onslaught of enemies, able only to deliver a duo of almighty hits before the wand recharges.

An incredible item and an incredible challenge, after clearing the camps and shrines the Obliterator crumbles, never to be used again. Such power could be seen as game breaking outside of the trial, but with the cost, I feel it could’ve been  a permanent addition if the recharge time was extended. But what do you guys think? How are you enjoying the DLC so far? Do you want to keep the Obliterator? Do you wish it was a ranged weapon instead? Let us know in the comments below!

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