Almost ever great fantasy story has some sort of villain. The Lord of the Rings has Sauron, a Dark Lord who wanted to subjugate Middle Earth to his will. Harry Potter has Voldemort, a Dark Lord who wanted to subjugate the world to his will. Finally, The Legend of Zelda (usually) has Ganondorf, a Dark Lord who wanted to subjugate Hyrule to his will. While most villains have some goal they want to achieve, there are those whose motives are near-nonexistent; those who are evil for the sake of evil. Batman‘s Joker is the best example of this. And Majora is the best example for The Legend of Zelda. And this begs the question: Should a Villain Like Majora Return?

Throughout Majora’s Mask, you try to undo the damage the Skull Kid, under the possession of the titular Majora’s Mask, has done. However, once you stop Skull Kid’s plan, Majora’s Mask itself continues it, causing Link to go after it. There isn’t any motive given for why it wants to destroy Termina. It basically wants to destroy everything for the sake of destroying everything. This is something I think would work well in a future Zelda game. A villain like Majora wouldn’t have any rhyme or reason for why it’s doing what it’s doing, in essence making it a true primal evil.

But what do you guys think? Should villains like Majora return in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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