Ever since Nintendo released Miitomo in 2016, they have been a firm contender in the mobile game market. Now, there’s a bevy of Pokemon games, three different Mario titles, and an original IP–Dragalia Lost. Regardless of how you feel about mobile gaming in general, it appears that Nintendo mobile is here to stay.

Talk of Zelda mobile is nothing new. Way back in 2017, Nintendo even announced that a mobile game was in the works. That was the first and last we ever heard about it, which brings the question—should there be a Zelda-themed mobile game? If so, what would that look like?

Considering Nintendo’s other mobile offerings, I feel safe in saying a gacha system would be involved. For those who don’t know, gacha games involve using in-game currency, or real cash, for a chance at an in-game reward you really want. In a Zelda setting, I could see players being asked to spend rupees to earn rare item upgrades, or special characters. Of course, this is only one way a mobile game could function. Perhaps Nintendo will take a bold direction, and create Zelda Go. Or, Nintendo could create a whole new adventure and story to play with touch controls. Other options abound, such as a visual novel, a puzzle game, or even a rhythm title.

So what do you think? Is a mobile game inevitable, and something you’d like to play? What genre would it be, or how would it play? Are you willing to spend real world cash for a chance at a golden Tingle? Let us know in the comments!

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