Ok! Great job everybody, let’s pack it in and…*frantic whispering off-screen* I’m sorry I’m being told I should probably go a little more in-depth since there needs to actually be “debate” in the Daily Debate. Onward, then!

Virtual reality (“VR”) has been a technology kicked around for years now. It’s been the focus of who knows how many sci-fi novels, shows, and movies. Only within the last few years has the technology caught up to provide that immersive experience that we as gamers have hoped for. Major companies are throwing money at it left and right, hoping for it to be the next big jump in entertainment technology.

It’s arguably still a novelty, though. Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR both have some games, and while they shine in the “reality” portion a lot of them are lacking in the actual full-fledged game department. But, they’re definitely getting closer and closer. And I’ll be very honest, having a fully immersive first-person Zelda experience would be AMAZING.

So that’s at the core of today’s Daily Debate: should there be a Legend of Zelda VR game at some point? Will Nintendo embrace the technology, or will they *gasp* actually license it out to another system? Will it be a full game, or mainly a novelty game (i.e. Link’s Crossbow Training) to test the potential of the market? Any and all thoughts are welcome on the topic, so let us know below!

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