With all the Smash Bros. hype buzzing around, many are eager to see if Link received more than just a face lift, but a new moveset as well. With the inclusion of the Inklings opening up the possibility for more fighters to be included, could we perhaps be seeing a new Zelda character? Whilst the prospect of any of Breath of the Wild’s Champions making an appearance is exciting, why should the world of Zelda be resigned to just one fighting game? We’ve seen a hack and slash through a Hyrulean lens in Hyrule Warriors, how about a Steet Fighter-ish title with a similarly decked out roster?

It’s not so much of a stretch to imagine the likes of Midna pummeling Skull Kid, or Link fighting Zelda in a 2.5D game like Injustice, especially since Link himself appeared in Soulcaliber II many moons ago on the GameCube. I’m amazed we haven’t had an official Zelda fighting game yet and besides, it’s another chance to see the glorious Vaati fully rendered in 3D, something we never got from Hyrule Warriors.

But what do you think? Is this a spin-off too far, or would it be something you’d play? Who would you include? What kind of twists do you think Zelda could bring to the fighting genre? Let us know below!

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