Since Ocarina of Time, Nintendo has generally divided the Zelda series into two halves: 3D home console games and 2D top-down games for their handheld consoles. With Nintendo merging their home and handheld consoles into one package with the Switch, the future of top-down Zelda games has been unclear. On the one hand, we did receive Link’s Awakening for the Switch in September 2019, but the last new 2D game was Tri Force Heroes in October 2015, over five years ago. On home consoles however, the last new 2D game was actually Four Swords Adventures, over fifteen years ago!

What does this mean for the future of the top-down style of Zelda games? One possibility is that Nintendo is done with that style unless they remake or remaster an older title like The Minish Cap. Or maybe we will see a new 2D game for the Switch sometime after the sequel to Breath of the Wild releases. Either way, as someone who got into the series with the older style, I hope they keep creating 2D games while still keeping things fresh, like how A Link Between Worlds felt.

What do you think? Should Nintendo stick to making 3D Zelda games and leave the top-down style to ports and remakes? Or would you like to see Nintendo create a brand new Zelda title that goes back to the 2D style but is built from the ground up for the Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

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