The Legend of Zelda series is know for it’s plethora of unique items and weapons, though in most games there’s always the traditional Bombs, Boomerang, and Bow. However, some games have added expanded utility in each item. The Bombs have had different variants in the form of Bombchus, Water Bombs, Bomblings, and Remote Bombs. The Gale Boomerang provided in interesting mechanic in Twilight Princess and is currently the only variant in the series thus far. Finally, the Bow has seen its utility expanded with Bomb Arrows, Fire Arrows, Ice Arrows, Light Arrows, and (as of Breath of the Wild) Shock Arrows and Ancient Arrows.

The Bow, or more specifically the different arrow types, in particular has seen the greatest expansion of utility in the series thus far, especially in Breath of the Wild, where they are all practically as useful as, if not more useful than, the various swords and weapons you collect throughout the game. They make the Bow by far one of the most useful items in the Zelda franchise thus far and I look forward to seeing how its use and utility is expanded in the future.

My question to you today is this: Should we see more arrow types in future Zelda games? If so, what types would you like to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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