A lot of puzzles and ideas are carried over from game to game in The Legend of Zelda series. Block pushing, torch lighting, wall climbing… there is always elements that seem to return time to time. Even the ability to jump because of an item has appeared in multiple games. One aspect of Skyward Sword I really enjoyed was the concept and execution of the Silent Realm. At the heart all it is a collectathon on a timer with enemies trying to get you that you can’t kill, but it’s a full on thrill ride and at times can be really challenging. It’s the sort of minigame you would find on a smart device as it’s own game.

The debate today stems around this mechanic and if it should return in the next adventure. If you think it should return… how should it be implemented? It’s hard to just mimic the SIlent Realm again since that had a story specific purpose to exist, but that doesn’t mean the mechanic behind it couldn’t be used in new and interesting ways. If you don’t want it to return… why? I’d love to hear some true for and against arguments on this one.

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