Din, Nayru, and Farore, the Golden Goddesses of Hyrule, are among the most powerful beings in the Zelda universe, combining their power to create Hyrule at the beginning of time. Fatigued from their work, the Goddesses retreated to the heavens, and ever since, they have rarely become involved in the chaos that befalls Hyrule, shrouding their beliefs and values in mystery. Even in Skyward Sword, the first game in the timeline, there is little to mention of the Golden Goddesses, but the prologue  leaves the door open for future games to occur before it and explore their origins further, as evidenced by this quote,

“If I said that a certain title was the ‘first Zelda game,’ then that means we can’t ever make a title that takes place before…so for us to be able to add titles to the series, we [place] the titles before or after each other.” – Eiji Aonuma

Because of this, I think there’s a lot of potential for a game to revolve around the Goddesses in physical form and their creation of the world. Who are the Goddesses, why did they create Hyrule? Why was Hylia tasked with protecting Hyrule while they remained in the heavens? Perhaps during a conflict with Demise and his demon army, the Goddesses can appear and assist the heroes. The Goddesses are fascinating figures in the lore, and I would be interested to see more of them. What do you guys think? Do you want to see the Goddesses involved in the story more? Let us know in the comments!

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Feature art by kGoggles

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  • Rob N. Hood

    Didn’t Din and Nayru appear in the Oracles series?

  • S Kent

    I think it would be cool. Perhaps a game in between OOT and WW where they are involved and flood the world in the end.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    The Oracles named after them did, the girls in that pic

  • Jebradiah Drake

    Mmmm… I mean I want them to but… you know Nintendo isn’t the best at handling lore and I don’t want to be disappointed by their first real appearance…

    I mean what if they’re not even bad in their first appearance, they just get pointless roles like the wind gods from WW who only show up once. I guess I wouldn’t want them to appear unless the story they were set to appear in was built up with the idea in mind that this is the first appearance of the Golden Goddess and they did their best to perfect it. Definitely not if it was just a side note.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    That’d be cool but it would kind of mess with the lore (not like Nintendo cares but still)

  • dark.isatari

    I’m a big fan of the MC/OoX physical forms, but I don’t like the idea of them being the goddesses themselves, creating etc

  • I think any appearance of the Goddesses would greatly devalue any threat that happens to exist in Hyrule.

  • Dylan

    the only way for that to happen is if we got a Zelda maker like game. As for the goddess to appear human? well the orcle games got that down with a small cameo in MC.

  • S Kent

    Well maybe you don’t play as Link but the goddesses instead or the King of Red Lions

  • Jebradiah Drake

    Hmm… I’d rather do it MM style where Link can transform. Maybe a title where Ganondorf has already used the Triforce for his own ends, but then Link uses the remains of the Triforce to infuse himself with the powers of the Goddesses separately. So then you have your Farore, Din, and Nayru forms separately, but there’s still Link our titular protagonist of the series.

  • Jebradiah Drake

    “Great Goddesses! There appears to be a small army closing in on Hyrule Castle from the south, what should we do?”

    Farore: “This is what the soldiers of Hyrule have trained for! Your troops should suit up and head out to defend their home!”

    Nayru: “There is no need for pointless bloodshed. Prepare the soldiers in case of an emergency, but until then you should meet with their leaders to discuss the possibility of a treaty.”

    Din: “Ok this may be a bit of an over reaction, but hear me out on this one! Have you tried… flooding the entire world yet?”