With The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wildmany of us were surprised when the whole theme of the typical dungeon’s was removed and replaced by the Divine Beasts. What was once a rather arduous (and sometimes hair pulling) adventure became, in my opinion, more about puzzle solving than anything. Such as “How do I get across Vah Medoh without falling to my death?” or  “How am I supposed to connect these electrical lines for Vah Ruta, because this isn’t making any sense right now and I feel incredibly stupid for not being able to figure this out.” And that’s not even including the Shrines.

While I enjoyed a bit of a break from the typical dungeon’s that the rest of the Zelda franchise had, I’ve heard from many people that they want the dungeon system to make a come back.

But how many remakes can we make of the Water Temple, (I.E. The dungeon from hell), or Death Mountain, etc? Now I’m not bashing the ideas of the dungeon’s at all. I’d be more than happy with a healthy mix of both dungeons and the system of the Divine Beasts.

What are your thoughts about this? Should the dungeon system be brought back, or should they continue with the theme that the Divine Beasts set? Or, should there be a healthy mix of both?

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Savannah is an Original Content writer for Zelda Informer, and when not writing, can be found immersed in a good book, or pulling her hair out while playing through The Trial of the Sword.

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