The Carnival of Time is a key component of the narrative in Majora’s Mask, serving both the story and expanding on the world-building in Clock Town. The carnival is frequently referenced throughout the game and is described as an event that honors the gods of the land while praying for a bountiful harvest.

The Carnival of Time is only featured during the credits, with the townspeople that Link supported throughout the game seen achieving their goals and dreams throughout the festival. If there was a playable epilogue in which Link could participate in the festival and see the joy that he brought to people, that could have been lots of fun to experience. Anju’s grandmother even talks about how people will often craft masks for themselves, and having the option to craft a personal mask for Link could have been a lot of fun too. Story-wise, there isn’t a lot of justification for including a playable sequence of the Carnival of Time, but in terms of gameplay, I think it would have been awesome to experience more of the unique culture and aesthetics of Clock Town that is referenced so often throughout Majora’s Mask. What do you think, would you have wanted to play through the Carnival of Time? Let us know in the comments!

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