While Nintendo finally ended the primary debate regarding Sheik just this year, between Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash Bros. For Wii and Nintendo 3DS, we can hardly forget the secretive member of the Sheikiah. And although these games were both great for enjoying her return (and in HD, no less), we have yet to see her return in a main series entry. But is there good reason for the conspicuous absence of this character?

Story-wise, the creation of Sheik worked very well in Ocarina of Time, adding not only to the mysterious and tense situation Link faces when he awakens from his seven-year stasis, but also to the character of Princess Zelda. While we were not treated to her combat abilities (just a imagine a two-on-one boss fight with Sheik and Link working together…), she demonstrated her knowledgeable nature by teaching the Hero of Time about the new Hyrule into which he had been thrown, guiding him to his final success against the Demon King. And, when she is finally captured, we have more reason than ever to seek to rescue the princess, viewing her more as an essential comrade than a simple damsel in distress – but was this a one-time gimmick?

Some might argue that Tetra is not very dissimilar to Sheik; they both are Princess Zelda in disguise . However, whereas Sheik had a mission and a strong reason to stay inconspicuous, Tetra had little; she was just a pirate who sailed across the Great Sea who didn’t know of her lineage. And while I imagine there are many who are strong fans of this swashbuckling iteration of the princess, there is a large disparity between the amount of conversation surrounding Sheik and her. So while Nintendo’s Zelda team is has put the wielder of the Triforce of Wisdom incognito several times, there’s something special about the supposed survivor of the Sheikiah.

Perhaps we’ll get another version of the princess in a form that hides her true identity, either in Zelda U or beyond, but I’d be quite impressed if this version of Zelda cultivated a greater fan following than Sheik. While I believe Sheik’s time has passed, I still would love to see a game such as the one indicated in the top image of this article, in which play as Sheik during the seven-year period in which Ganondorf cemented his rule over Hyrule. What’s your take on the matter? Should Sheik return? Or should she remain a part of the past? Any suggestions on another hidden form that Zelda could take in a future title? Join the Daily Debate!

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