The two hand-held companion Zelda entries, Oracle of Seasons and Ages, are an intricate tale woven across the two games. However, they each offer a large divergence of paths, something not common in Zelda games. This is owing to the three different animals that Link encounters in his adventures in Labrynna and Holodrum: Ricky, Dimitri, and Moosh.

Ricky is a large kangaroo with boxing gloves and a stylish hairdo, so you know he means business! He also has the ability to jump extremely high with Link on his back. Dimirti is the only friendly Dodongo Link has ever met. He is a fierce swimmer, able to fight strong currents and even swim up waterfalls! Whether or not Dimitri can breath fire is up to debate. Our final companion is Moosh, a contented giant blue flying bear. He can hover over large gaps to help Link travel.

Personally, I loved these three fellows and thought it was always very interesting trying out the three different pathways they offered. I would love to see these three buddies again, even if it is just in a passing cameo. But could you just imagine the three of them hidden somewhere in the world of Breath of the Wild? They bring an interesting aspect to an already interesting game.

So what about you? Which companion is your favorite to take around with you? Do you always like jumping around? Maybe you prefer flying? Or perhaps you’re like me and like to take to the sea? Let us know in the comments below!

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