Poes have always been my favorite enemies in the Zelda series. The lantern-wielding wights have gone through myriad iterations, but lately, have been appearing less and less in the series. Most noteworthy was their omission from Breath of the Wild where whimsical Wizzrobes instead skipped about, flitting in and out of reality as they hailed all kinds of elemental carnage upon Link. In Skyward Sword they were similarly demoted to Watchers within the Silent Realm, not invisible ghouls ready for battle.

We’ve previously had both Poe Brothers and Sisters as side characters and minibosses, as well Poes and their souls made up one of the largest sidequests in Twilight Princess which featured their most gruesome incarnation to date. So why is such an iconic Zelda enemy fading away from the series? I feel in Breath of the Wild, we could have seen some wild Poe designs, Poe Souls could have been a collectible item, and felling the intangible beasts could have been a puzzle in itself. In a game world where characters like the craven Kilton skulk about, why couldn’t we have seen their return? (Redeads have also been sorely missed…)

So what do you think? Would you like to see the spectres return, or are they just another enemy to you? How do you feel about their absence from Breath of the Wild? Let us know below!

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