Throughout the Legend of Zelda series, one thing that players frequently look forward to is discovering and using new items. While there are many classic and fan-favorite items such as the Hookshot and the Bow, there are plenty of items that made an appearance in only one or two games in the franchise, and such items have been lost to time.

In Oracle of Seasons and Four Swords, there was an item called the Magnetic Gloves that could be used to push or pull magnetic objects around, or even maneuver Link over large gaps by changing the polarity on the gloves to correspond to the polarity of a magnetic pillar on one side of the gap. In A Link to the Past, there were three magical medallions – the Ether medallion, the Quake medallion, and the Bombos medallion – that cast area of effect spells that covered the entire screen; the Ether medallion used ice magic, the Quake medallion either killed or transformed all enemies on the screen, and the Bombos medallion cast fire magic. Each of those medallions except for the Ether medallion were also available in Four Swords Adventures.

Having been so long since these items have been seen in the series, should they make a return to the Legend of Zelda? Or should they remain relics that are unique to the few games they were available in? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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