Title theme songs in Zelda games are an important component of establishing each game’s overall tone and experience, and many of the songs are recurring tunes that accompany the narrative as well. The Wind Waker’s title theme song is one of my favorites because, not only are the sweeping camera angles and music excellent, but the songs play an important part in the story as well. It conveys the wide world The Wind Waker presented while also reinforcing the importance of music throughout the story.

For me, the game that did this the best was Ocarina of Time. Koji Kondo masterfully blended energetic beats with more somber, quiet tones throughout Ocarina of Time, resulting in a soundtrack that is memorable and great to listen to outside of the game. The soundtrack doesn’t waste a single song either; many of the songs are recurring throughout the game, and the unique tracks are that much more memorable. While I absolutely love the game’s title theme song for its more quiet and sad sounding qualities. But as much as I adore this song and have written about it in the past, I wish it appeared in the actual game. At all. It’s a beautiful piece of music that should have been incorporated elsewhere. Probably the simplest solution would be to use a more iconic melody, but more than anything I just wish I could have been able to hear an iteration of the title theme elsewhere in the main story.

What do you think? Should Ocarina of Time have featured a different title theme song? Let us know in the comments!

Feature art by ItsWolven

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