Super Mario RPG is an iconic spin-off to the Mario franchise, seamlessly blending traditional JRPG elements with the classic, undeniable charm of the Mario series to create a game that a lot of fans remember fondly. Since Super Mario RPG was such a critically acclaimed game, it’s a shame that more JRPG spin-offs of its kind haven’t been revisited by Nintendo. JRPGs still have a strong foothold and are pretty popular, and if Nintendo brought back this RPG experience with Zelda characters, items, and references, that would be awesome.

The turn-based combat could be a lot of fun, and Link could be a sword wielder, Zelda could cast magic, Impa could throw daggers, and there are so many other characters that could be included in the roster as well. Creating an original story and taking advantage of completely new and unique features like the ones that made Super Mario RPG so beloved all these years later would be great to see and offer Nintendo a unique opportunity to branch out. I’d also love to see some inspiration borrowed from other classic JRPG’s like Chrono Trigger, but since Super Mario RPG has already proven to be an excellent game, that should serve as the ideal foundation for a possible Zelda-style RPG experience. Would you play a Zelda RPG game? What would you want the game to feature? Send us your thoughts in the comments!

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