Nintendo recently released two brand new Zelda themed Home Screen customization’s, but the latest one really got me thinking about something I probably should have thought about before. For those unaware, Nintendo of Japan is releasing (or has released) a Skyward Sword theme for the 3DS. Skyward Sword, as we all know, is a home console title for the Wii. While we welcomed the themes for the 3DS, why don’t we extend them to the Wii U? Sure, it would arguably be a bit harder to do with the whole Mii community thing on the TV, but it could obviously still happen. Given that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are also both soon to offer themes, it really only makes sense for Nintendo to follow suite. They already do it currently for the 3DS.

Of course this is just my take on it. Maybe there are legit reasons folks don’t want to have that sort of personalized customization option. While it’s hard for me to fathom why anyone would be against choice, debates over customization for Link (be it clothing or gender) has shown me that some people are just against options at literally any cost.

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