Linkle was Nintendo’s response to including the option to play as a female version of Link, as the team expressed an interest in making Princess Zelda a playable character first before including gender selections for Link, resulting in the creation of Linkle. Regardless of the reasons for her creation, Linkle is generally well-liked among Hyrule Warriors fans because she is portrayed as a completely separate character from Link. Convinced that she is the hero destined to save Hyrule, Linkle is an enjoyable character to play as in the game. With her unique combat style, desire to protect her darling Cuccos, and the amusing antics of her getting lost during her journey to find Hyrule Castle, Linkle has a distinct personality from Link that has allowed her to evolve beyond simply being a female version of him.

Because Linkle has such a unique personality all her own, there could be great opportunities to include her in the main Zelda series itself. Whether she’s a foil for Link in his quest or a side character taking care of her Cuccos, Linkle could be an enjoyable addition to the series that I think could work effectively. What do you think? Do you want Linkle to appear in the Zelda series? Let us know in the comments!

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