With fresh new footage of Tears of the Kingdom, I’ve been pondering what similarities the game might have with its predecessor, and what additions might be a “breath” of fresh air (see what I did there?). One thing I felt was interesting when I first played Breath of the Wild was Link’s lack of companion.

In every 3D Zelda so far, Link has had a companion who has shared some of his burdens throughout his journey (Midna, Fi, Navi, Tatl, the King of Red Lions), but I felt that his journey in this particular adventure warranted no partner. Flying solo through this game really added to the post-apocalyptic feel and the lonely burden of trying to take on an ancient evil alone, because everyone who was supposed to aid him is gone.

But perhaps in TearsĀ of the Kingdom, we will be given a partner who guides Link through the skies of Hyrule as he takes on Ganoncorpse (and whatever other sinister evil-doers await). I have a few theories that the ancient hero of the tapestry that tells the story of 10,000 years before might be aiding him in this quest, or from the new footage, maybe the spirit of a Zonai warrior will be joining us, but only time will tell!

What do you think? Would you rather have a companion or no companion in Tears of the Kingdom? Let me know in the comments!

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