While I do like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I do agree that the dungeons and bosses in the game are a bit lackluster. They may have been cool in theory and I do certainly like the rewards you get for beating them, but the bosses and the way through the dungeons made them feel very short and small. Recently, I decided to rewatch some old speed runs, only to come across one of the NES’s classic game series, Megaman. And this got me thinking “This seems cool. I wonder if a Zelda game should have this”.

For those who are not aware, each boss in the Megaman games gives the titular character a new weapon once they are defeated. However, that weapon is very effective on another boss such that the game becomes an upgraded version of Rock-Paper-Scissors. For example, Wood Man is weak to Heat Man’s Atomic Fire, which is the weapon/ability you gain once you defeat Heat Man. This could be implemented with the open-world dungeons from Breath of the Wild, as you can visit them in any order and you already gain abilities for beating each dungeon (they they are more exploration and survival oriented).

My question to you all today is this: Should future Zelda bosses implement a Megaman-style weakness system? How would you implement it? Let us know in the comments below!

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