Finally breaking through the chains and locks of the dungeons we’ve come to love and loath is often the peak of satisfaction, but does it come all too easy nowadays? For the more seasoned Zelda player, having long since learned the logic and rhythm of a dungeon, do they pose as much of a challenge as they used to?

This thought was nicely emphasized within Breath of the Wild‘s shrines, where extra chests and treasures are littered about, offering slightly tougher feats necessary to plunder the loot within. This has been a feature throughout most if not all dungeons, with rewards ranging from a few extra arrows to an elusive heart piece. I’d like to see some extra, brawnier, perhaps optional puzzles to crack in future installments of the series, holding elusive treasures within. An overhaul in difficulty could be a welcome challenge to veteran players, to have a dungeon really push one’s puzzle-solving mettle.

I can remember a handful of times I’ve been stumped in the past, the answer teasing me just out of reach; it’s a feeling I’ve been really missing. Some of the shrines in Breath of the Wild were a tad tough, but all were ultimately too short to hold a memorable challenge.

But what do you guys think? When was the last time you were truly stumped in a dungeon? What’s been your toughest puzzle? What’s been your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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