For all intents, the fairies are considered a race within the Zelda universe, but they aren’t portrayed as having any distinctive culture or civilization. Typically residing near springs or in fountains, the fairies exist for the sole purpose of reviving Link or assisting him. In some games, like Ocarina of Time, the Great Deku Tree assigns all of the Kokiri children a fairy to guide and protect them, including Link in the game’s opening. Perhaps the most extensive role the fairies take is in Phantom Hourglass, as they take on the role of Servant Spirits and play an important role in the story. While all of that is fine and good, the games don’t go into detail about their duties or why they are selected for the roles they play.

It would be cool if, in a future installment of the Zelda games, a town or community of fairies would be featured. I imagine it would be small and more along the lines of the miniature communities of the Minish in The Minish Cap. It would be a great opportunity to see how the fairies live when they aren’t resigned to inhabiting springs or fairy fountains. What are their lives like? What duties do they have in the context of a town? Interacting with fairies as individuals versus items or plot devices would be a unique way to change up the formula while giving them a discernible culture and lifestyle. What do you think? Are you interested in seeing the fairies reside in small towns or communities? Let us know in the comments!

Feature art by 10yrsy

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