A Link Between Worlds is the sequel to a Link to the Past and was released over twenty years after the original game came out. Despite the considerable time gap between release dates, A Link Between Worlds was met with positive reviews, carving its own path as a unique installment with new, fun gameplay features while having elements of its classic predecessor, and I enjoyed the game immensely as a result. The Wall Merging mechanic is really fun and easily one of my favorite aspects of the game. It created some really unique and engaging puzzles, and it took full advantage of its versatility to create some exciting set-piece and boss fights too. Top that with the addictive search for Maiamais and the fun renting and upgrading system, and the game was an excellent installment for the Nintendo 3DS.

With all of that in mind, should A Link Between Worlds get a sequel incorporating the same top-down graphics and gameplay features? I think so. The story has room to be expanded on, and in addition to that, having a story strictly take place in Lorule or another dimension would be a great way to explore new narrative ideas and premises without being tied down by the timeline too much. I would absolutely play a sequel to A Link Between Worlds, and I hope the mechanics and ideas get revisited someday. What does everyone think? Do you want a sequel? Let us know in the comments!

Feature art by bellhenge

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