Obviously, after watching today’s Nintendo Direct, there’s only one thing on all of our minds; Majora’s Mask 3D is actually happening.

Ever since Ocarina of Time 3D, and even before then, it’s been years and years of begging and debating, crazy fan movements like Operation Moonfall, thousands of editorials and fan letters and fan art, and even this old trailer for the game on the Wii U; all this has been leading to this moment, and so far, it’s looking as if it was all perfectly worth it.

We apologize for the bluntness of today’s debate, but there’s so many things to talk and speculate about that it couldn’t possibly all fit, and we wanted to hear all of your opinions and ideas so far.

First of all, what did you think of the trailer? How’s everything looking? Personally, I think it looks great. Though I have some small doubts on the Moon, I love the art style, and the music is as creepy and fun as always. All the old areas look incredible, and some of the character redesigns, like the blacksmith Zubora, are just excellent.

All the official artwork that’s been released looks brilliant—those paintings of Skull Kid, and the big banner that’s probably being used as the box art, are just ridiculously beautiful—and I can’t wait to see more of the game. You can tell that the vision they have for this game is huge, and hopefully the remake is going to encompass the full quality and feel of the original game.

As for the music, I really can’t wait to hear the updated tracks. Majora’s Mask has always had one of my favorite soundtracks in the series, and I’ve always thought that the poor sound quality of the Nintendo 64 didn’t really do it justice. I’m really excited to listen to the Deku Palace theme and the terrifying sounds of Ikana Valley in their new renditions.

Also—we realize this isn’t a pressing matter, but we’ve argued about this extensively within the staff—what do you think we’re going to get in the collector’s edition? Hyrule Warriors came with a really cool scarf, so it only makes sense that Majora comes with some sort of figurine, or maybe even a mask; basically, any artifact in the game that will look sufficiently awesome.

There’s still tons that we don’t know anything about: will there be any extra content added? What other characters will be redesigned? What are all the old areas going to look like?

And finally, what are you, personally, most excited to see?

You can tell these next few months are going to be an amazing time to be a Zelda fan…

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