Ocarina of Time was the first Zelda game I played back in 1998, and I remember thoroughly enjoying the experience.  Some parts of the game terrified me (Re-deads and Dead Hands, I’m looking at you here), whilst others were a lot of fun. Riding Epona and finding hidden items all over Hyrule field was great. Back then, collecting the Spiritual Stones and Medallions, defeating Ganondorf and saving Princess Zelda was simply a nice way to spend the time. It was only when playing Ocarina of Time 3D as an adult that I realized something; Ocarina of Time is actually a very sad game.

As adult Link, some of the dungeons suggest a history of bloodshed, like the Shadow Temple and its misery, or the Poe Sisters from Forest Temple. In a previous Daily Debate, I talked about the death of the Great Deku Tree and the impact it had on me at the time. However, what follows is a complete roller coaster for poor Link.  He has to fight dangerous bosses, bear the weight of responsibility for a destiny he never chose. and say goodbye to many dear friends. The ending of this game in particular is also bitter sweet. You can understand the actions of Princess Zelda, but by giving Link his childhood back, she has taken away any acknowledgement of his brave deeds. Link will never be known as the Hero of Time and I find this the saddest thing of all.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree that Ocarina of Time is the saddest Zelda game? Or do you think such a label is unjustified and belongs to another game in the series? Sound off in the comments below!

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