Close your eyes and picture Link in your mind. Chances are, a good portion of you just imagined him in his Champions Tunic, the triumphant blue garb worn by Hyrule’s sworn knights that debuted in Breath of the Wild. I have to admit, with each hour I spend playing the latest Zelda adventure, the less jarring it is not to see Link in his traditional green get-up, and the more accepting I become of Link being able to wear whatever he wants.

With Breath of the Wild well on its way to becoming the highest selling Zelda title yet, it stands to reason that this game will mark many player’s first foray into the world of Hyrule. The armor system from Breath of the Wild works so well, it makes me question if we’ll ever see the return of the green tunic beyond fan service.

What do you guys think? Is the Hero’s Tunic now obsolete? Or do you think there’s a prominent place for it still in the Zelda series? Sound off in the comments below!

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